• Vision and Mission

    Mission: Baldwin Middle-Senior High School is dedicated to providing high-quality educational opportunities for all students. 

    A place where every member of the Baldwin Middle-Senior High School family is inspired and equipped for success in post-secondary education, a career, and life.

    Goals and Beliefs

    • Increase academic achievement for all students                      
      • Increase overall achievement for all students while moving significantly toward eliminating the achievement gap of racial and ethnic groups and students from low income families
    • Significantly increase the graduation rate                                   
      • Increase the percentage of students graduating ready for post-secondary education and work  
    • Employ the best teachers                                                               
      • Hire, develop, support and retain the best teachers in the nation.                        
    • Establish a safe and respectful school                                             
      • Establish a safe school environment where students and teachers are respected and valued.
    • Provide family and community support                                           
      • Establish strong family and community support with effective communications with all internal and external stakeholders.
    • Deliver high quality support for all students and teachers  
      • Continually enhance school performance through delivery of high quality school management, operational support, and customer service.