• What is the Montessori Program at Axson?

    The Montessori Magnet Program at J. Allen Axson uses a model that has been successful around the world for nearly a century. In a Montessori school, you will find multi-age groupings of students who teach, collaborate, and help each other with the learning process. Montessori introduces children to the joy of learning at an early age and provides a framework in which individual and social discipline go hand in hand. The curriculum is set in a spiral so that each subsequent activity builds on another.

    All About Axson 

    ❖ Axson maintains an “A” rating by the State of Florida
    ❖ Hours: 8:30am – 1:30am (Pre-K 3/4); 8:30am – 3:00pm (K- 5th)
    ❖ Pre-K Program for 3 and 4 year olds
        ➢ child must be 3 years old by September 1st
        ➢ $350 monthly tuition
        ➢ must be potty trained (specific criteria to be considered potty trained)
        ➢ PreK Program is NOT VPK—We do NOT accept VPK Voucher
    ❖ Extended day care available for additional monthly fee (options for before & after school)
    ❖ Each classroom has a state certified & Montessori certified lead teacher as well as a paraprofessional assistant
    ❖ Currently have approximately around 600 students enrolled
    ❖ Approximately 30-40 PreK3, 30-40 PreK4, and 30-35 openings for Kindergarten on a yearly basis
    ❖ Openings for 1st-5th depend on number of students returning
    ❖ 10 Pre-Primary classrooms (multi-aged Pre-K 3/4, & K)
    ❖ 10 Lower Elementary classrooms (multi-aged, 1st – 3rd )
    ❖ 5 Upper Elementary classrooms (multi-aged 4th & 5th)
    ❖ Weekly resources: PE, Music, Art(every week) & Library/Media(every other week)

    Application Priorities (Kindergarten & up)

    2. Former Attendance Area Preference (Springfield area)

    3. Military Dependent Transition Preference

    4. Sibling Preference 

    5. Socio-Economic Preference 

    6. Principal’s Signature Preference 

    All priorities listed in the 2020 School Choice Reference Guide at the School Choice/Magnet Website

    Transportation Bus

    Transportation is provided for Kindergarten through 5th grade students in Zone 2(Arlington), Zone 3(Northside), and Zone 7(Beaches/Intracoastal).

    Middle School Continuity

    Program continuity for Axson Magnet Students to John E. Ford Montessori Middle School.

    Tiered continuity for John E. Ford Magnet Students for high school is to Paxon School for Advanced Studies, Stanton College Prep, Darnell–Cookman SoMA and Samuel Wolfson High School.

    What are our chances of being selected via the lottery?
    We typically accept 30-40 PreK3 students, 30-40 PreK4 students, 30-35 Kindergarten students via the lottery each year. Your chances of being selected depend on the number of applicants who apply. The School Choice/Magnet office is the only office that could share the average number of applications each year for our program.

    What is the cost of Extended Day?
    The rates for this year are below, but the cost is subject to change based on the Duval County Extended Day Rates
    Morning Extended Day—7:00-8:30am ($75)
    PreK Extended Day—1:30-3:00pm ($75)
    3:00-6:00 Extended Day—3:00-6:00pm ($135)

    How do we apply?
    Touring in January or February is the first step to applying. If you are doing a virtual tour, you will complete a survey at the end of the tour and we will follow up with an email with the link to the district’s website with directions on how to apply. If you are touring in person, we will give you a handout with the information on how to apply. The application process is a multistep process which may take several days. Be sure to follow all steps and complete the application prior to the deadline. Magnet applications are usually due by the end of February. The deadline is set by School Choice and applies to all applicants including prek. 

    When do we find out if we got into Axson? What happens next?
    You will receive notification of acceptance or your number on the wait list in the Spring from the School Choice/Magnet office to the email you have on file in your parent portal. Once we receive an acceptance list, we send out an email for a New Parent Orientation which takes place in late April or early May. If your child is accepted into our PreK program, a $350 non-refundable deposit is required at Orientation in order to hold your child’s seat. This deposit applies to the last payment of your child’s PreK4 year. More information will be provided at Orientation to all of our families to prepare for the start of the school year.

    My child is going into 2nd grade, how can I get him into your school?
    In order to apply for the lottery for a child entering 1st-5th grade, you must upload proof of Montessori experience to your application for the year prior to admission. If your child does not have prior year Montessori experience, he/she is not eligible to apply.