Dear families,

    We are excited to welcome you and your children back for the new school year! Last year met us with many challenges we had never faced before. We not only learned how strong and resilient we could be, but we also realized how smart, innovative, and resourceful we can be when we ALL pull together.

    This year, we want to capture that same energy to ensure all students thrive beyond our expectations. The 2021-22 educational experience will be especially enriched to prepare our students for a successful future. The addition of more personnel at every school is one example of the support we are adding to fortify learning for students whose progress may have been impacted due to the pandemic. This support will provide a resource for teachers to ensure all students are gaining the skills needed for school and life success. Additionally, everyone will be excited to know we are reinstating school field trips, which allow students to gain knowledge from a different perspective outside the classroom.

    The only way our students can receive these outstanding instructional experiences is by being at school on time, every day. Attendance will be a central focus this school year, and we encourage our families to share this focus.  Having our students in school, on time, is critically important for their academic and social growth. To better serve students and minimize time away from school for health reasons, we are adding a health professional to the staff at each school. Children, with parental consent, will also have access to new telehealth services. Our goals are to keep children well, get them well quickly if they do get sick, and prevent the spread of any illness that keeps children out of school.

    On the topic of health care, it is also vital that we accept we are not fully clear from the COVID-19 pandemic. We must exercise precaution to ensure the safety of everyone and commit to healthy practices such as washing and sanitizing our hands regularly. While masks will not be required in schools this year, we strongly recommend children wear a face covering if they have not been vaccinated. And while attendance is a focus, if your child is not feeling well, it is important to stay home so that others are not impacted.

    Whether it be stopping the spread, ensuring success for all students, or simply supporting families in getting students to school every day, we’ve seen the extraordinary things we can accomplish when we work in partnership with our families and caregivers. We are looking forward to another exciting school year and cannot wait to see the joys and successes we encounter along the way.


    Dr. Diana Greene




    • *Update - The district is in consultation with the Florida Department of Health-Duval to review new guidance from the CDC and discuss health and safety guidelines going into the new school year.
    • Enrollment assistance hotline available at 904-348-7777 now through Friday, Aug. 20. 
      • Before Aug. 3: Monday - Thursday, 8 AM - 3:30 PM
      • After Aug. 3: Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4PM - 4:30 PM
    • Registration for Duval Virtual Instruction Academy (DVIA) is open now through Monday, Aug. 9. The "DVIA Enrollment" form is located in the Parent Focus Account under "Forms." 
    • Daily cleaning and disinfecting of high touch point surfaces in schools and district offices to continue.
    • Each school to receive a school nurse or health aid.
    • Telehealth will be available to all students at no cost with parental consent.
    • All school breakfast and lunch meals will be free for students at their brick and mortar schools.

    *Schools with enrollment under 500 will share an Instructional Coach.*


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