• Clubs & Programs


    Brain Brawl:  like your favorite Jeopardy competition, with facts from entertainment, music, sports, science, history, and literature but for High School Students.

    Sponsors: Mr. E EchevarriaM@duvalschools.org  | Mrs. Williams-Vetter VetterC1@duvalschools.org


    Community Gardening Club: Middle and High school students will engage with plant life in a series of ways, including growing plants from seeds, raising, and cultivating plants, propagating from already-existing plants, and working towards a community garden of vegetables, herbs, and more with the goal of encouraging and fostering insterest growing, propagating, and gardening plants

    Sponsor: Mrs. Pelliecer watkinsa@duvalschools.org


    D&D (gaming club): a space for students interested in playing tabletop role-playing games. We like the creative experience of collaboratively telling stories, building worlds, having in-depth moral and philosophical discussions, teaching new people to play RPGs, and of course, having a bunch of fun together.

    Sponsor: Mr. Jones JonesD6@duvalschools.org



    Fellowship of Christian Athletes: An interdenominational Christian sports ministry to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes

    Sponsor: Mr. Beldsoe BledsoeR@duvalschools.org



    Future Business Leaders of America: prepares students for careers in business through academic competitions, leadership development, and educational program

    Sponsor: Mr. Kennedy KennedyR2@duvalschools.org



    Future Farmers of America: a premier youth organization preparing members for leadership and careers in the science, business and technology of agriculture.

    Sponsor: Ms. Phillips PhillipsM5@duvalschools.org



    GROW Club: Gain Resilience. Obtain Wellness. The GROW club is a student group designed to promote emotional and mental wellness in school. The club will also focus on building community amongst other students in the school and help foster a welcoming environment for learning.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Williams-Vetter VetterC1@duvalschools.org



    Marathon High: Marathon High uses the power of distance running to inspire and empower teens

    Sponsor: Mr. Kennedy KennedyR2@duvalschools.org


    Scholar Bowl: an academic competition designed to challenge and recognize academically talented Middle-School students through their knowledge in the areas of mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, current events, and fine arts.

    Sponsors: Ms. Durham durhamt@duvalschools.org | Ms. Branch brancha@duvalschools.org


    Tribal Council: a group of student representatives that meet with Mr. Townsends to discuss ideas on how to improve the student experience at Baldwin

    Sponsor: Mr. Townsend TownsendM@duvalschools.org


    5000 Role Models: a mentoring program committed to guiding male students in healthy living, responsibility, respect, and attaining future goals.

    Sponsor: Mr. Scott  ScottC2@duvalschools.org