Fort Caroline Visual & Performing Arts Magnet

  •      In 2016, the superintendent of Duval County Public Schools, the district Visual & Performing Arts Department and the school leadership at Fort Caroline Middle School began the process of integrating visual and performing arts education and curriculum into the school’s offerings. In the 2016-17 school year, Fort Caroline was established as a visual and performing arts magnet school. Seeking to develop an innovative magnet program that offered courses of study unique to any other school in the city, Fort Caroline became the first school to offer Digital Art & Design and Creative Photography at the middle school level in the 2016-2017 academic year.  As a dedicated arts magnet school, Fort Caroline continues to serve and engage its neighborhood community as well as the Jacksonville community at large and strives to embrace a wide representation of students, including those with less traditional arts interests and talents.

         Students who struggle to find safe places (both physically and emotionally) to express themselves freely will find that safe place at Fort Caroline.  We are committed to offering innovative art mediums for study (street art studies, hip hop dance, digital art & photography) in addition to the traditional forms of fine art, creating a space that integrates fine arts training with current trends, and 21st century learning in associated arts industries. In the same vein, the school accepts students who have not received previous formal or traditional arts instruction, but who nevertheless express enthusiasm and talent for the arts.