• Westview PreK- 8 Sports
    For the 2023-2024 school year, Westview is offering the following sports to Grades 6-8:
    • Boys Soccer
    • Girls Soccer
    • Boys Track and Field
    • Girls Track and Field
    • Cheerleading
    • Volleyball


    Middle School Sports

    Students who attend Westview PreK-8th School are eligible to participate in Middle school sports at Charger Academy and Lakeshore Middle. Transportation is provided through the activities bus.
    Westview K-8 Sports Values:
    Students must follow these core values to stay in the program:
    Respect: Show respect by treating yourself, other people and your sport according to the highest standards of conduct.
    Responsibility: Show responsibility by making good decisions. Solve problems rather than make excuses, and be a reliable team player. Students will be held accountable for their actions and personal decisions.
    Integrity: Show integrity by honoring your commitments and exhibiting honest behavior in your dealings with others. Displaying a high degree of personal integrity means one always does the right thing, even if no one else is watching.
    Servant Leadership: Show servant leadership by putting the group first and being responsible for personal and team goals while performing at your personal best. Servant leaders provide the great gift of being a good example to others around them.
    Sportsmanship: Show good sportsmanship by always following the highest standards of fair play, courtesy, and losing graciously.