Andrea Y. Talley




       Principal Talley

  • Principal’s Message 2022-2023



    Whoa!  Hold on!!!  I’m still reeling from the outstanding 2021-2022 school year!  Welcome back to those returning and welcome to those who came on board this year!  The school was already thriving, but, I do have to say that once our name was changed to Charger Academy, it was as though all the stops were pulled and success gushed out one right behind the other, out of every nook and cranny!  Sometimes, a change of perspective-a positive change-is all it takes for it to click in our minds just how really good we are!  As I stated last year, an academy community exemplifies fineness, brilliance, quality, superiority, merit, and distinction.  All teachers, staff, students, parents, and community businesses have performed to that extent, and I am confident they will continue to do so this year!!!!


    Charger Academy did very well last year as Erin Dobson and Arnold Bulanadi were recognized by the state of Florida as High Impact/Performing Educators.  Duval County had 10 teachers recognized in the district, and two of them reside right here at Charger Academy.  Also, one of our math teachers, Nichole Marquis, was accepted into the Boselli Teacher Fellow Program, and our Assistant Principal of Operations, Dr. Monique Bassett, was selected to participate in Leadership Florida's Education Class 7.  In addition, our business partner, CSI, fell right in line with our hashtag, “Nothing but the best” and I want, no WE HAVE to also give a shout out to CSI Gives Back, Becky Lowry and Deborah Valentine.  They became an extended part of our Charger Academy family.  Hats off to CSI.  Further, our School was honored with distinction for PBIS Model School for the 2021-22 school year.  Much to my surprise, I was honored to be selected as Middle School Principal of the Year for Duval County Public Schools.  I was, and still am, amazed and humbled by those honors bestowed upon me!!!  Lastly, it is clear that Charger Academy teachers continue to be leaders for Team Duval, and many of them facilitated PD sessions during the district's 2022-2023 Early Return.


    To start the 2022-2023 school year off right, I was selected to participate in the DCPS Distinguished Leaders Cohort, and Erica Dobson, our school Assistant Principal of Curriculum, was selected to participate in the Rising Leaders Cohort.  In fact, we hosted summer PD for our Charger Teachers to ensure they were prepped and ready, ready, ready to instruct on day 1. Florida has new BEST standards for ELA and Math, and we are surely equipped to meet the standards for that.  Also, this year we will reincorporate the National Junior Honor Society charter, for which I am super excited!!!  For this new school year, we look forward for another chance to prove to Jacksonville, Duval County, the State of Florida, the United States, and to the world, just how exceptional and outstanding we are.  We are excited to find out just how much we can and will achieve this year.  We are eager to show the world that Charger Academy possesses a distinct brilliance and superiority.  Not because we are better than others but because we have a name and a reputation to live up to and, most of all, because we try harder!   

    Some of you may or may not know, I am so pleased to announce and congratulate everyone that our school grade was raised up to a “C” for 2021-2022; we were just seven percent from a “B,” but I refuse to stop, clap, and sing praises for that!  As the teachers, staff, and I pull together to work harder, to be more precise, to be more active and proactive, to be more caring, to be more nurturing, to be more loving, I believe we can achieve our goal of earning that 7% for the “B,” in addition to doing what is needed to become an “A” school by the end of this school year because we are “Nothing BUT the best!!!”  Do you believe that???!!!  WE DO!!!

    We may stumble, but we will not fall.  We will rise to the occasion!  We will beat whatever comes our way! We will overcome by remembering that we are: “Nothing but the best!” 


     As we enter into this school year, we realize full well the health hazards that still exist with COVID 19 and its variants, the new Monkey Pox, along with all the former flu and viruses.  It appears that even Polio is rearing its ugly head again.  We know full well the occupational hazards that have plagued schools in our country with mass shootings and murders that sky rocketed last school year; however, because we are a school filled with pride, and at the same time, humility, I proudly and assuredly say that Charger Academy will excel above those lower standards as we all walk through our doors with our heads held high and with hearts full of love and respect for those around us and for ourselves.  We may be a middle school, but we have the mindset of a university!  We walk tall and are proud of what we represent (our homes and our school) and who we represent (our parents, our community, and ourselves).


    This is my fourth year as Principal of Charger Academy, so I decided to pick a motto for this year: “Average is officially over.”  Any teachers, students, parents, stakeholders, or I who THINK we will only do just enough to get by, I hereby declare unto you that those days are over!  Teachers will come to class well prepared to teach students on all levels.  Students will come to school well prepared and ready to learn and earn their grades.  All stakeholders will be prepared on all levels to give our students and Charger Academy their all at all times.  I will come prepared above and beyond all and ready to oversee that everyone at Charger Academy will be ready to charge any obstacle, to charge any hard places, to charge over new boundaries, and to lead the charge that others may follow!  We will be well equipped to rise, as cream, to the top.  We are the “cream of the crop,” for we are “Nothing but the best” who ascertain and diligently affirm that “Average is officially over.”  “We’ll shout it from the mountain top, we want our world to know that Charger Academy is truly number1!!!!!!!!”