Andrea Y. Talley




       Principal Talley

  • Principal’s Message 2021-2022

    Hello and welcome to all my students, parents, teachers, and staff as I begin my third year as principal of the newly named Charger Academy! I was amazed and pleased to see how well our Charger community banded together in a concerted effort to overcome obstacles our world has never before encountered! Great things can be accomplished and will continue to be accomplished as our community remains unified!


    We had a fantastic year as we began with virtual learning. Our teachers pulled out all the stops to make the curriculum interesting and fun! Our support staff also pulled out all the stops to assist wherever and whenever needed! Our students were no exception, they all rallied from home to be at their computers on time, with all necessary materials, and ready to learn. Then, our parents, while many were inconvenienced by the “stay at home” mandate, also pulled out all the stops to be there for their children, to help their children stay alert and focused, and to support their children and our school in any way they could! My applause goes out to you all!!!

    Thank you Charger Academy, for even in the midst of a pandemic, we pulled together, reinforced learning while remembering that we are yet “Nothing but the best!!!”


    Later on in the year, as Florida began to open up, I was very pleasantly surprised at the number of students who chose to return to school! 70% returned while 30% continued to take advantage of virtual learning. Again I applaud our teachers and staff who reconvened to the drawing board to invent and devise plans that would continue to provide in-classroom and virtual classroom with curriculum and teaching methods that would benefit all students! I am also particularly pleased with the response of our parents who remained in the battle to overcome the hindrances and difficulties caused by the COVID 19 virus. I, myself, am excited to see our school grade for the 2020-21 school year. We did not receive a grade last year due to the unexpected turn of events brought upon us because of the virus.


    Another momentous event that took place this year was the name change of our school from the Jefferson Davis Middle School to Charger Academy! I love our new name because of its positive reinforcement that we have been conveying since my tenure as your principal began, and that is one of excellence. An academy community exemplifies fineness, brilliance, quality, superiority, merit, and distinction!!! Charger Academy has definitely lived up to its hash tag “Nothing but the best” because, you see, an academy must always portray fineness, brilliance, quality, superiority, merit, and distinction, and Charger Academy Community has represented EXCELLENCE for all to see and take notes. We set the pace! We set the tone! We ARE “NOTHING BUT THE BEST!!!”


    Similarly, I am excited to see what this 2021-2022 school year will bring. With the newest hype about the Delta strain of the coronavirus, we do not know what may happen next. However, I can assure you that we will meet whatever comes our way with the same no nonsense approach as before to provide the safest and healthiest environment for all regardless of the challenges we may encounter, be another global pandemic (and we are not past the first one yet), racial injustices, or whatever chaos. We WILL STAND HEADS ABOVE THE BEST, FOR WE ARE BETTER THAN THE REST!!!! IF ONE FALLS, WE ALL FALL! Yet if we stand collected, calm, and organized with our arms linked together in one accord, WE WILL STAND!!! Shout it from the school yard! Shout it in your homes. Shout it from the highest hills….WE ARE CHARGER ACADEMY, AND WE ARE “NOTHING BUT THE BEST!!!”