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    Andrea Y.





       Principal Talley


    It is, again, an honor, a privilege, and a blessing to serve as Principal of the Jefferson-Davis Middle School, home of dynamic Chargers!  We had a wonderful 2019-2020 school year last year!  We encountered many challenges and excelled in facing them head on together in a concerted, no nonsense effort of a community comprised of students, teachers, staff, and parents.  We also celebrated our successes and victories together!  We had a wonderful year which far exceeded my expectations!

    Now we have entered the 2020-2021 school year and have already overcome unforeseen obstacles due to the Coronavirus Pandemic which has affected our nation and the entire world.  Our teachers and staff worked tirelessly in the March heat to issue thousands of computers to students in order to assure they were equipped to begin their learning process virtually.  New plans and systems had to be developed and ready to put into place by the start of the new school year; we had to tread new waters and cover new grounds as educators in a world that was facing an era as has never been before.

    Then as the state of Florida entered Phase II of reopening, we again, went back to the drawing board to draw up additional plans to assure the utmost safety and effectiveness for those students who chose to attend “hybrid” teaching, as well as for all teachers and staff.  I realize that the guidelines which Jefferson-Davis has put into effect are strict, but for the wellbeing of all, these measures are necessary and adherence to these guidelines is an unconditional must!  The guidelines are as follows:

    • No student, teacher, or staff may enter campus grounds without a mask.

    • Masks must be worn all day.

    • Temperatures of students, teachers, and staff will be taken daily before entering campus grounds.

    • Absolutely NO ONE who is ill and/or has a temperature above 100.4 will be allowed to enter campus grounds.

    • No visitors will be allowed on campus - NO VISITORS!!!

    • Anyone who is not allowed on campus grounds for the above reasons WILL BE SENT HOME IMMEDIATELY.

    Please remember, these restrictions are for the health and wellbeing of ALL here at Jefferson-Davis, as well as, for the parents and homes of our students.

    As for our students who have chosen to take advantage of “Duval HomeRoom Virtual Learning,” as stated earlier, our teachers have worked endlessly to develop new concepts for online teaching that will make learning challenging and fun for those students.  No student will suffer in his/her learning experience as long as he/she is willing to put forth the effort to learn-the effort to be “Nothing but the Best” despite our current global situation!

    Each student, whether learning virtually or in the classroom, will receive the best, most interesting, most rewarding learning experience possible!  That’s a guarantee!!!!

    We are a community, and as a community, we will work together to make sure that we will continue to not just implement our hashtag, “Nothing but the Best,” but we will become living examples of “Nothing but the Best.”  We are committed to provide “Nothing but the Best” instruction given by “Nothing but the Best” teachers for “Nothing but the Best” students.  Our community will remain “Nothing but the Best” as we set the example for all to follow.  The Jefferson-Davis Chargers will charge into a world of panic and chaos and say, as former President Barak Obama said, “Yes, we can!”   “Yes, we can” be the best because we accept “Nothing but the Best” and nothing less, for we are still better than the rest!!!