A picture of Markus Dunham when he was in the 5th grade

    Markus Dunham's Bio


    In my future, I see myself graduating from college and getting my Bachelor's degree in computer science. After I get my Bachelor's, I'll be making my way to getting my Masters degree so my resume will look better and I'll have a better chance at getting a job that involves coding. Another thing I plan on learning in the future is economics, so I can build my own company(s), and be better at handling and saving money, so that I won't have to worry about going broke and living on the streets ever again.



    One of my biggest dreams is to get accepted into the University of Florida and graduate from there. I've been a gator fan all my life and to be able to go to school there


    and being part of it would mean so much to me. I understand the things I need to do to get in and when it happens it'll be worth all the hours I sacrificed. 

    The colors are also what brings my attention to the school. Blue and orange are my top 2 favorite colors, so for me to represent those two colors would be even better. If I don't get accepted, then my second choice is to go to UNF, where most of my friends and family went to for college. When I get into college, I'll be going to FSCJ for my first two years, then transferring to a university of my choice.



    My favorite hobby right now is playing basketball. I love the game of basketball because it's very competitive and it involves you being immersed in what you need to do. I plan on trying to continue playing throughout my college years so I can stay fit and have fun while in school. Basketball by myself is sometimes a way for me to relax and think about life sometimes. Another hobby I have is playing video games. Playing video games is always a way for me to relax and get rid of any stress I have. Playing with my friends online makes it better because it's full of laughter and jokes all day or night.


    In my own opinion, seafood is one of the greatest dishes to be invented. If I was to go out to a restaurant or a cook out, I would want seafood because it tastes delicious and scrumptious to me. The smell of seafood is what makes it the best for me, because it instantly catches my attention and it gets my stomach rumbling and searching for where it's coming from so I can eat it. 

    Cooked shrimp in a metal bowl



    If you were to ask my family and friends what my personality is, they would describe me as the following:

    • Goofy
    • Ambitious
    • Trustworthy
    • respectful
    • Kind
    • Responsible
    • Tranquil

    and more..



  • Dream Vacation

    Trees on a beach on Puerto Rico

    I've always wanted to travel the world and learn more about things I've heard about or was curious about, but one specific place that I wish to go to is Puerto Rico. From what I hear from my one friend, Yamil, he describes it as a place that's an unclouded, attractive, entertaining place to visit. If I were to go, I would try out the foods and go to the beach called Crash Boat to swim and relax. I would also want to go hiking in the el Yunque National Forest  and Old San Juan to get to know about its history. One thing that I personally like about Puerto Rico is their views. I see people on the internet showing how beautiful some places or during the day or at night and I want to get a chance to witness that in person. In my own personal opinion, Puerto Rico is one of the best places that anyone could travel to and visit.