• Dominique's Bio

    Me and my sister posing for a picture Hello, my name is Dominique Lawson. I'm a senior at Darnell-Cookman and I've been attending this school since sixth grade. I'm pretty awkward and have a bit of a hard time meeting new people and socializing, but I still enjoy it. To the left is a picture of my sister and me when she came to visit for Christmas last year. 


    I love science, specifically biochemistry and biology. I have also always dreamed of having a job where I can do my work without having to talk to a lot of people and get paid for it. So, when I heard that I could do both of those things in certain positions in fields like radiology and forensic pathology, those two jobs immediately became my goals for the future. Of course, after putting more research into them. For now, my main goal is to study to be a pathologist, but I also really want to be a pediatric radiologist or a radiation oncologist. Whichever opportunity arises first, I plan on taking it. I want to earn good money while doing the things I enjoy because I want to eventually earn enough to buy my dad a boat. He loves fishing; he goes fishing almost every weekend, but because he doesn't have a boat, he can't get to the deep waters without fishing over a bridge. So, my mission is to get him a boat when I can. That is, if he doesn't get one himself first.

    My dad holding two fish he caught, and a random fishing boat


    One of my favorite pastimes to do since elementary school is reading, and I've gotten into writing since middle school. I usually read and write science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, action and thrillers because I find those more interesting than the other genres. Some other hobbies I have are gardening, playing games, and running. I'm a big fan of a lot of different games, but my favorites are Sims 4 and Sky, which is a mobile, open-world game where you play as a child of light and go around collecting spirits and completing missions. I like to run when I'm really stressed, but I also do 5k races with my mom for the fun of it. I even completed my first 15k earlier this month- the Gate River Run downtown. To the right is a picture of my mom and I with our medals after we finished.

    My mother and I holding 2022 Jacksonville, Florida 15k Gate River Run completion medals


    I'm not very picky when it comes to food as long as it does not have to do with sea food. I will try anything if it is not sea food, with the exception of fish and shrimp. I don't have a favorite food, but if I had to choose one thing, I would have to say my dad's spicy chicken curry. I would have everyone try it if I could. I also really like these spicy Korean noodles called Samyang Buldak spicy chicken-flavored noodles. I just like spicy things in general. I also really love fruit in general, but mostly pineapple, bananas, and papayas. I have them almost everyday. picture of a game called Sky: Children of Light


    I am the oldest of five younger siblings, though I don't live with all of them, only two. I was born on Halloween, so my family and I take great pride in going all out when it comes to celebrating and decorating for Halloween.And I think that is it, so thank you for reading. I hope you found it interesting!