Uniforms, 22-23

  • Kernan Middle will be implementing school uniforms for the 2022 - 2023 school year. Every student is expected to wear the full uniform to school each day.

    School uniforms may be ordered from:

    RC Uniforms



    *5% of all uniforms purchased at RC uniforms will be given to the school to help fund our Kernan Closet*

  • uniforms, 2022-2023

  • RC uniform flyer, packages and individual prices of garments

  • To clarify what is not allowed:

    • Unacceptable Bottoms = NOT ALLOWED
      • jeans - or any color other than black, navy or khaki
      • ripped pants/jeans
      • basketball shorts
      • sweatpants
      • joggers
      • camouflage pants
      • leggings/jeggings
      • biker shorts
      • tights
      • athletic shorts
      • yoga pants
      • bottoms that are NOT black, navy or khaki
    • Unacceptable Tops = NOT ALLOWED
      • polos or collared shirts with designs
      • tops that do not have a collar
      • tops that are NOT black, hunter green, grey or white
    • Acceptable Outerwear - MUST BE BLACK OR GREY
      • sweatshirts - button or zip up
      • sweater - button or zip up
    • Acceptable Shoes 
      • Any closed toed fully backed shoes
      • Any colored socks

    Students not in dress code compliance will be assigned to ISSP and remain there for the duration of the school day, or until someone brings them proper school apparel.