• 1.09 (ZZZ) Unauthorized Use of Wireless Communication Devices or Cell Phone

    Possession of a wireless communication device is not an infraction of the Code of Student Conduct. However, it is an infraction of the Code of Student Conduct when the possession of a wireless communication device disrupts the educational process. This includes the unauthorized use of a wireless communication devices to capture images or recordings without permission during school hours and/or the unauthorized use on school buses in the absence of an emergency concerning safety-to-life issues (defined as a bus accident, mechanical breakdown which delays the normal route, and/or thirty (30) minutes or more in a route delay).

    NOTE: If students possess a wireless communication device, it must be turned off and kept out-of-sight inside a pocket, book bag, purse, or similar container, unless authorized by the Principal/designee or teacher. It is the expectation that parents/guardians should only contact students through the school office during school hours.

    Violation of this policy will result in confiscation, and the device will only be released to the parent/guardian or student based on discipline matrix. Progressive discipline will apply for repeated infractions. School Board employees or agents will not be held liable for wireless communication devices that are lost, stolen, or confiscated. Florida Statute 1006.07 (2)(e) requires school districts to notify parents/guardians that students who use wireless communication devices in the commission of a criminal act may face school disciplinary action and/or criminal penalties.

    During district and state assessments, students may not have any electronic or recording devices, including but not limited to, smartphones, tablets, personal computers, tablets, cell phones, or electronic games, in their pockets, at their desk or anywhere they can reach them, before, during, or after the testing session. Possession of any electronic device that reproduces, transmits, records, or calculates (except for the state approved calculator), will result in the student’s test being invalidated.