• Welcome to our Restorative Justice Program here at Richard Lewis Brown. We are very excited to have such an awesome group of students to work with. You will learn how to be a good citizen and leader for the school. The RJ program is designed to train you on how to become a positive role model and how to show compassion towards other students throughout school. This will help the entire student body to become responsible for their actions and learning!

    Our Restorative Justice Program is designed to promote a positive, proactive, and an instructional way of dealing with misbehavior. The program is led by a selected group of trained student mediators that will serve as role models provide positive peer pressure for students to behave appropriately and assist in facilitation of small groups to remediate misbehavior.

    You must remember that you are the leaders of the school. The school expect excellent behavior out of our students that are on the Restorative Justice team. If your behavior is not what is expected, your teachers do have the right to ask you to leave the Restorative Justice team. Please remember that we, as an entire school, are counting on you to be the voice of the students at our school.

    We welcome you and look forward to a great year!