• Car Drop off and Pick Up Procedures

    No students may be dropped off prior to 9 am, and all students must be picked up by 4:30 pm.
    Students should not be dropped off across the street in the morning, nor be directed to wait at a nearby business for pick-up. This presents a serious
    safety hazard to the students.
    Students who arrive on campus must remain on campus, per the Code of Conduct; after arrival, students must report directly to their holding area.


    Students drop off is in front of the school. Do not park directly in front of the school in the fire lane.

    Bus Transportation

    Afternoon buses leave promptly at 4:25 p.m.
    Schools do not have jurisdiction over bus stops.
    Riding the bus is a privilege and students are expected to abide  by the Code of Conduct.
    All bus routes are available on the DCPS website.
    Students who ride the bus to school should report directly from the bus to their holding areas without delay. Leaving campus after arriving is a violation of
    the Class II Code of Conduct, as well as a safety hazard to students.
    Students who ride the bus home are to report directly to their bus upon dismissal.
    Students MUST have written permission verified by the front office in person or via phone in order to ride a different bus home from school.
    Activities buses for students involved in sports run at 6:15 and students must have prior approval to ride the activities bus. After-School Activity (ASA)
    Bus stops are different from regular bus route stops. Please check the DCPS transportation homepage for more details.

    Walkers and Cyclists                                

    Students who walk or ride a bicycle to and from school should report directly to holding areas upon arrival and proceed directly home at dismissal.
    Students are prohibited from loitering on campus before or after school hours, for their own safety.