• All students are required to wear their Oceanway Middle School issued Picture ID Badge with the correct colored lanyard at all times while on school grounds.
    In the event that students forget their ID Badge, students must obtain a temporary wristband of the day from the Media Center.

    Consequences of not having an ID badge.

    1st  Time- Warning 
    2nd Time- Warning
    3rd Time-  Parent Phone Call
    4th Time-  Detention 
    5th Time-  Referral and Parent Conference

    ID Badge Fees:  

    1st issue - Free
    2nd issue - Wristband $1.00 (each time)  
    3rd issue - Wristband $1.00 (each time)  
    4th issue - New ID/Lanyard/Case Holder $5.00
    5th issue - Phone Parent