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  • The Counseling Support Services Department is focused on:

    • providing resources to school personnel, students, and their family in regard to issues impacting a student’s education
    • offering prevention and/or intervention services to include but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, and drug use, conflict resolution/mediation, suicidal ideation, cases of abuse and neglect, teen pregnancy, truancy, and poor academic performance
    • collaborating with Duval County support staff and community-based mental health service providers
    • determining, developing, and implementing individual and group support services based on needs assessment and data
    • ensuring continuous quality improvement of student support services and outcomes through the use of internal database 
    • providing information on prevention and intervention services that promote resilience and student success
    • connecting students and families with substance abuse education programs, parent support groups, resource services, and referrals to other school and community support services
    • serving as members of the Attendance & Crisis Response Teams for students, faculty, and staff during and after a critical incident has occurred
  • Counseling Support Services

    Wendy Dunlap, Executive Director

    Katrina Taylor, Director


    Duval County Public Schools

    Team Center Building B

    4037 Boulevard Center Drive 

    Jacksonville, FL 32207

    Phone: 904-390-2090

    Fax: 904-390-2439