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  • Transcript Request

    Requesting a Copy of Your Transcript

    To request a copy of your transcript, submit an official request through the Guidance Office a MINIMUM of ONE WEEK prior to the date you need it. Please be sure that you take into consideration mailing or delivery time, and do not wait until the last minute to request your transcript. NO exceptions, so plan accordingly. You must fill out a transcript request form. If a university or institution accepts or requests an electronic transcript, please be aware that the process may take at least one week for the university or institution to receive it. Electronic transcripts are NOT instantaneous. 

    High School Community Service Hours

    Bright Futures Community Service Form 

    Please submit community service hours to Ms. Allen. It is recommended that hours are submitted each year of high school. Allow for 2 weeks processing time.

    Community Service Form


    Please see Approved Service Hours for options available for Bright Futures eligibility. From the Bright Futures Handbook: 

    "Students must complete service hours during high school and by high school graduation. Service hours may include, but are not limited to, a business or governmental internship, work for a nonprofit community service organization, or activities on behalf of a candidate for public office. Except for credit earned through service-learning courses, the student may not receive remuneration or academic credit for the service work performed. The hours must be documented in writing, and signed by the student, the student's parent or guardian, and a representative of the organization."


    Financial Aid and Scholarships

    Financial Aid Guide

    Bright Futures/ Florida Financial Aid Application

    Bright Futures Handbook Part 1  Bright Futures Handbook Part 2 

    Bridging a Dream Scholarship

    National Merit Scholar

    Scholarship Search Engines: You don't have to be a senior to start looking!

    Fast Web

    UNCF Scholarship Search


    Letter of Recommendation

    Writing a quality letter of recommendation is important to us, so please allow TWO WEEKS for processing. When requesting a letter of recommendation, please complete the Brag Sheet and meet with those you are requesting, talk to them about any information you want discussed in the letter.

     Brag Sheet


    College Readiness


    College Board


    ACT Testing Dates


    SAT Testing Dates Students grades 9-11 take the PSAT 8/9, 10, and NSMQT on campus on National PSAT day. 11th graders have opportunities to earn multiple scholarships by meeting qualifying scores on the PSAT NMSQT.

    Khan Academy is the official SAT Practice test site. It is FREE to register and use. 


    PSAT Practice Test

    PSAT Practice Test Answer Key


    Please see our Tutoring and College Readiness tab for great college and career planning tools


    Dual Enrollment

    Dual Enrollment is a great way to earn College Credits. Students can start as early as their Sophomore year by taking SLS1103 at Darnell-Cookman, and continuing with traditional off-campus dual enrollment Junior and Senior year.