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Who are THE ONES?

  • THE ONES is a collective built to encourage, support, and increase the success of Black Male Educators in Duval County.

    Why this collective exists

    • Black Males Educators make up a small percentage of the teaching force in Duval County (6%) and around the country (2%).
    • The support and success of Black Males in Education is critical to the academic success of all students in our schools.
    • Black Males sometimes find themselves being the ‘only one’ in many schools and situations as education professionals.
    • Connection to a group that shares similarities and backgrounds can be extremely beneficial to personal and professional growth.
    • We understand the sum of our individual parts creates a community of strength.

    All Black Males are part of THE ONES. Individuals will have the ability to opt into more formal development and connection opportunities.

  • THE ONES Inaugural Kick-Off 2022

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  • We are THE ONES… we have a responsibility to ourselves, our students, and to each other.