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    • Grad Bash is scheduled for April 20, 2024. The price will be announced after transportation has been secured. Tickets will go on sale in October and end in early February 2024. All purchases must be made using the website.
    • The tentative date for prom is May 4, 2024. Price and location details will be announced at a later date. All purchases must be made using the website.
    • If you have school issued textbooks and/or laptops, please bring those items ASAP so that your name can be removed from the student debt list. Books must be returned to Coach Johnson (please email him at and laptops can be left when you arrive on campus in the morning at the evolv checkpoints.
    • Cap and gown meeting will be held in mid-to-late November. At that time, the website, cost and deadline to purchase will be announced.
    • There will be at least 2 parent meetings - one in October and the other in January. Please inform your parent/guardians so that they may attend.
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