• First Coast High School invites all families with children enrolled in district schools to complete the form. The survey helps the district determine if a family fits into one of four categories.

    • They work on federal property.
    • They live in federally supported housing.
    • They are active duty.
    • They are active full-time members of a foreign military service.

    To complete the form, login to your parent FOCUS account and click on “Forms” and select the “2022 Federal Impact Aid Survey” form. If you are unable to access your pre-populated survey form electronically, please visit the school or visit TeamDuval.org.


    Contact Jacqueline Kelley, Director School Choice by email: kelleyj@duvalschools.org or by phone (904) 390-2221 with any questions.

    To print the form and bring it filled out to the school, please see the link below.

    Student Parent Survey for Federal Impact Aid Form