Ms. LaTonya Parker , Principal

Photo of Principal Parker

    Dear Parents, Guardians, Community Members, and Friends,

    It is indeed an honor and privilege to serve as the Principal of Matthew W. Gilbert Middle School. As we have reached the end of the school year and despite the challenging circumstances, I would like to thank everyone in our entire school community for your excellent efforts in making this a successful school year.  Our teachers and staff have supported each child's achievement and well-being throughout the school year. 

    It was an extraordinary beginning of the year by any measure, marked by adapting to layers of mitigation strategies, constant change, and a seemingly endless confrontation with challenges, big and small, all met with hopeful ingenuity. However, we are educators surrounded by efficient problem solvers, resourceful specialists, and emotionally gifted individuals with a willingness to serve and overcome any problem to teach students and meet many of their other needs.  And through it all, we never lost sight of our role as a team.

    I want to reassure you that we are busy making plans to begin the next school year with a flawless opening.  We are working to better understand how we will continue to provide a quality education for all students and support our faculty and staff.  Our goal is to provide the best possible educational experience for our children while maintaining a safe environment for all.  As the future comes into focus, we will communicate our plans. Please continue to visit our schools website or contact the Main Office for additional information.  

    As we close out the school year, we would like to thank you for your support and encourage everyone to have a safe and relaxing summer.


    Best wishes to all, 




    LaTonya Parker


    Matthew W. Gilbert Middle School