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  • Career Puzzle

    Middle Years Career Exploration

    Matthew Gilbert is a magnet school with a focus on career exploration. It is our expectation to provide as many opportunities as possible for the students to be exposed to as many different types of careers as available. In addition to talking about and encouraging the search of careers, Matthew Gilbert provides a Career Fair throughout the year to show students the variety of professions out in the real world.

  • Pre-Early College Academy 


    Pre-Early College Academy

    The Pre-Early College Academy is a Middle School acceleration track that affords academically advanced students the opportunity to earn up to four high school credits and three college credits. This program is designed for mature, highly motivated students. The Pre-Early College path can lead to High School Early College programs or other acceleration program options such as AICE, IB, AP, and AP Capstone.

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    Pitsco Stem Education

    We live in a global society and must use skills beyond content. Preparing students for college and career readiness is a task that begins early in their education in order to ensure their future success. Pitsco Education embeds a range of skills in its curriculum to facilitate the development of fundamental 21st-century skills, including life and career skills; information, media, and technology skills; critical-thinking skills; communication skills; and collaboration skills. All of these are integrated into the curriculum in meaningful, relevant ways that reinforce the validity of the skills to the students; students use the skills in such a way that they can apply them in other situations outside of the curriculum experience.

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