• Chimney Lakes Elementary School,

    an International Studies Magnet School

    Front of School     
    School # 232
    District # 16
    Address: 9353 Staples Mill Drive Jacksonville, Florida 32244
    Main School Number: 904-573-1100 
    Fax Number: 904-573-1109 

    School Hours: 

    Office Hours: 8:00-4:00
    Student Hours: 8:30-3:00

    School Contact Information:  

    Bill Gilley, Principal

    Email: gilleyb@duvalschools.org

    Nichelle Smith, Assistant Principal
    Email: smithn5@duvalschools.org
    Kimberly Seibert, Assistant Principal
    Email: masonk@duvalschools.org 

    Marianne Simon, Elementary Regional Superintendent 

    Email: simonm@duvalschools.org  
    Phone:  904-390-2154    

    Charlotte Joyce, District 6 Board Member 

    Email: joycec@duvalschools.org  
    Phone: 904-390-2293

    Other Contact Information: 

    Nicole Saenz, Guidance
    Email: saenzn@duvalschools.org
    Phone: 904-573-1100 ext 1115
    Student Registrations and Records
    Brandi Williams 
    Email: stevensb@duvalschools.org
    Phone: 904-573-1100 ext 1012
    Fax: 904-573-1109




    Parent Liaison & Volunteer Coordinator, Keri Welton 

    Email: weltonk@duvalschools.org 
    Phone: 904-573-1100 ext. 2014

    SAC Chairperson, 


    CLE Webmaster, Michelle Cone 

    Email: conem1@duvalschools.org 
    Phone: 904-573-1100 ext. 1007