Student Behaviors/Expectations

  • Here at Lake Shore Middle School, we pride ourselves on “leadership” and ensuring all students receive a quality education in preparation for success in achieving their career goals. At Lake Shore Middle School, with the partnership of a dedicated faculty and a supportive community, we strive to provide each student with equal opportunities for academic achievement and social growth.


    Our staff is committed to quality instruction and the implementation of innovative programming to create a successful learning environment for all children. We depend on families to reinforce the importance of effort, attitude, and behavior in their children. It is critical that each student is familiar with teacher expectations, homework policies, and discipline guidelines at Lake Shore.


    Through close communication with our staff and a consistent message between home and school, we maintain a positive school climate. To achieve this, we are soliciting your support and understanding of new structures and processes we are implementing for the 2023 - 2024 school year.


    The faculty and staff of Lake Shore Middle School are committed to using effective instructional practices that are non-negotiable in every classroom and in our building. Our goal is that all students at Lake Shore MS will be successful in receiving their highest level of potential. To meet this goal, students will need to adhere to the following:


    Attendance: Attendance is a huge part of education- if the student is not present, they are not learning. Without good attendance, a student's education is, at best, littered with gaps in instruction. School hours are 9:30AM to 4:15PM.



    Unacceptable Behaviors Leading to Disciplinary Action include (but are not limited to):


    • Classroom tardiness
    • Acting in a manner like to interfere with the educational process.
    • Lying or abusive language, whether verbal, written or through a digital platform, between or among students, includes profanity and inappropriate jokes.
    • Failure to complete assignments or carry out directions.
    • Disrespect to teacher, staff member or any other adult
    • Disrespect to other students
    • Acts of violence or the threat of violence

    Types of Disciplinary Action


    1. Verbal or written reprimand (by teacher or administrator).
    2. Loss of privileges.
    3. Contact with parents (by teacher or administrator).
    4. Withdrawal of privileges.
    5. After school detention
    6. Center for Specialized Instruction (CSI) also known as In School Suspension (ISSP): This suspension is served in a special classroom in the school. Students are expected to complete the class work sent by their teachers as well as community work on school grounds. However, they do lose the privilege of participating in extra-curricular activities for the duration of the assignment to CSI.
    7. Out-of-school suspension (OSS): The student must be in his home during school hours, and the school resource officer may check for compliance. While suspended, the student is not allowed on school grounds or at any school-related function and refunds for prepaid events is not possible. The student cannot make up class work for grades but may be given assignments upon his return if requested and granted by teachers.
    8. Dismissal from Lake Shore with alternate assignment by Duval County Hearing Office.
    9. Expulsion: student removed permanently from school by action of the Duval County School Board.