The DCSoMA MEDICAL SCIENCE Program was established at DCSoMA in 2022.  This innovative high school program offers qualified students an exciting opportunity to pursue a unique curriculum designed to prepare them for college and a career in the medical field.  The program meets and exceeds Florida State Benchmarks and College Board requirements.  Classroom, laboratory, research and clinical experiences are sequenced to give students a competitive advantage over students who pursue a standard high school curriculum.  Students are encouraged to choose from a spectrum of higher-level courses that are foundational and complimentary to various medical careers, such as BioMedical, CNA, LPN and Pharmacy.  So, whether you want immediate employment or a strong college preparatory curriculum embedded in the Medical Arts, we invite you to explore the health careers and medical science, and pre-med fields in the Medical Sciences Program.

  • Industry Certifications:

    • AHA American Heart Association CPR
    • Biomedical Tech Assistant 
    • First Aid
  • Industry Partners:

    UF Health

    Mayo Clinic


    Baptist Health/Nemours