• High-Quality Teaching

    READ USA’s research-backed, peer-to-peer Literacy Tutoring intervention trains and employs teenagers mostly from under-resourced communities to provide daily, intensive, one-to-one tutoring to elementary students from those same communities. As verified by evaluators from The Ohio State University, this unique intervention produces an average of one year’s growth in reading proficiency in as few as 12 weeks for both elementary students and teens. This bi-directional learning was intentional to elevate both populations’ literacy skills, while providing valuable workforce development skills to tutors.

    READ USA’s Professional Development for Educators provides teachers and instructors with the additional training, tools, and resources they need to further move the needle on literacy in the classroom. READ USA provides this training for free to educators at various opportunities throughout the year.


    Lake Lucina has partnered with Read USA to provide 1:1 tutoring for a select 60 students. 30 Students were selected to start in the Fall for a 14 week program. The 2nd Wave will begin in the Winter for an additonal 14 week program.