Dress and Grooming Guidelines

  • At Terry Parker High School, administrators and teachers will ensure that all students follow the dress and grooming rules based on state law 1006.07F.S. These rules are in place to help the school run smoothly. The school's administration will have the final say on whether a student's clothing is neat, clean, and free of illegal substances like alcohol or marijuana. They will also decide if the clothing is appropriate and not disruptive or unsafe.

    Students must dress appropriately and show respect for themselves, others, and the school environment. Clothing, jewelry (including body piercings), hair, and overall appearance should not disrupt the classroom or break health and safety rules. These guidelines are meant to help parents and guardians and apply to all students at Terry Parker High School. Students should dress neatly and cleanly and follow these general guidelines.


    1. Shoes must be worn. However, bedroom shoes or slippers shall not be worn.
    2. Halter-tops, backless tops, or tops that show midriff are prohibited.
    3. See through or mesh garments shall not be worn without appropriate undergarments. Costumes and costume accessories may not be worn without the approval of the school administration.
    4. Properly hemmed outer garments such as shorts, divided skirts, and dresses may be worn, provided they are not disruptive or distractive, as determined by the school administration. Garments including, but not limited to, such items as boxer shorts, traditionally designed as undergarments, may not be worn as outer garments.
    5. Clothing, accessories, and facial coverings shall not be worn if they display profanity, violence, lewd and obscene messages, sexually suggestive phrases, or advertisements, phrases or symbols of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs or other symbols phrases or advertisements that would be offensive to common propriety or decency. Bandanas may not be worn as facial covering.
    6. Head coverings, including, but not limited to the hood portion of a hoodie(sweatshirt/shirt), ski-masks, caps, hats, bandannas, hair curlers/bonnets, and/or sunglasses, shall not be worn on school property, unless worn for religious observation or required by a physician or authorized by school personnel.
    7. Students are prohibited from wearing clothing that exposes underwear or body parts in an indecent or vulgar manner or that disrupts the orderly learning environment. The waistband of shorts, slacks, skirts, and similar garments shall not be worn below the hips. Clothing which is not worn inappropriately is not properly fastened, has tears that reveal or expose body parts, has printing with words or pictures that have a sexual connotation will not be permitted. All trousers, including oversized or low-hanging trousers, must be worn and secured at waist level. Underwear, midriff and back may not be exposed. If belts, suspenders, and straps are worn, they shall be worn in place and fastened.
    8. Any articles of clothing or jewelry that may cause injury to oneself or to other students are not allowed.
    9. All students must adhere to these minimal guidelines for acceptable apparel and appearance. In order to maximize instructional time, students will be given an opportunity to immediately correct dress code infractions.
    10. All secondary students must have a school ID card on school grounds, transportation, or school sponsored event.
  • Figure illustrating dress code: No hoods; tops with straps; cover armpit to mid-thigh; bottoms no shorter than mid-thigh.

Avoid these brands

  • Avoid wearing clothing and accessories from brands associated with the following:

    1. Alcohol (e.g., Budweiser, Jack Daniel's)
    2. Tobacco (e.g., Marlboro, Camel)
    3. Drugs (e.g., brands promoting cannabis)
    4. Violence (e.g., brands with violent imagery or slogans)
    5. Profanity (e.g., brands with offensive language)
    6. Sexual Content (e.g., brands with suggestive images or messages)
    7. Gang Affiliation (e.g., brands or styles linked to gangs)
    8. Illegal Activities

    Specific brands include but not limited to:

    • HUF
    • Supreme (certain items)
    • Cookies SF
    • V/SUAL
    • Rebel8 (depending on the item)