• Contact Information

    Pine Forest School of the Arts (School #159)

    3929 Grant Road

    Jacksonville, Florida 32207

    Office:  (904) 346-5600

    Fax:  (904) 346-5632

    School Hours for Students:  8:30am-3:00pm

    School Colors:  Gold, Green, and Purple


    Principal:  Michelle Matthews (easterm@duvalschools.org)

    Assistant Principal:  Kimberly Hughes (howardk2@duvalschools.org)

    Executive Director:  Michele Floyd-Hatcher (floydm@duvalschools.org)

    Elementary Region Superintendent:  Randall J. Strickland (stricklandr@duvalschools.org)

    District 3 School Board Member:  The Honorable Cynthia Pearson (pearsonc1@duvalschools.org)



    PFSOTA Supporting Organization Information

    Friends of Pine Forest Foundation President:  Kristen Furman

    PTA President:  Allison Griffin

    School Advisory Council Chair:  Suzanne Jenkins


    DCPS Office of School Choice Number:  (904) 390-2082  Email:  school_choice@duvalschools.org

    Transportation Department Number:  (904) 858-6200