• #76 Southside Estates Elementary

    9775 Ivey Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32Save246

    Office:(904) 565-2706 Fax: (904) 565-2737
    School Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

    Principal:  Mrs. Teresa Dowdell-Brown   email: dowdell-bt@duvalschools.org

    Assistant Principal and  Title iX Investigator  Nikesha White email  fishern@duvalschools.org 

    PTA President:   email:sseepta@gmail.com
    SAC Chair: Antrone Byrd email: antronebyrd83@gmail.com
    Good News Ambassador: Latrise Smith 

    Web Editor:
    Mascot: Eagle
    School Colors: Red, White & Blue

    Region Superintendent: Mariann Simon  email: simonm@duvalschools.org   390-2154
    School Board Member: The Honorable Cindy Pearson email: pearsonc1@duvalschools.org Contact phone number: (904)390-2239, District 3
    Transportation Department Number: (904) 858-6200