• Arrival Procedures:
    Students can begin arriving at school no earlier than 8:00, unless they are enrolled in extended day morning (which opens at 7:00am).

    Students report to their hallway and sit quietly reading a book until school begins at 8:30 am.

    All students arriving after 8:30 must obtain a tardy pass from the office prior to reporting to class.

    Dismissal Procedures:
    Dismissal of students begins at 3:00.

    Car riders report to the front walkway of the school.  If your student is a car rider, please display your students' names in your dashboard, so that the assistant can call your students' name and have them waiting at a numbered pole.

    Walkers are dismissed at 3:00 and walk in an orderly fashion to the north gate of the school.

    Bus riders are called at 3:00 to get on their bus.

    Students who need to leave early may be checked out by their guardian until 2:15.  It is DCPS policy that students not be dismissed within the last 45 minutes of school.

    Students who are being dismissed in a different manner than normal (for example: Johnny is a car rider most days, but today he is walking home) are required to have a note from their guardian stating the change.  Phone call changes can not be accepted, as there is no way to verify that the person calling is a legal guardian.