• Arrival Procedures

    All parents must have the PikMyKid App for Dismissal.  Please contact the front office at 904-381-7495 for additional questions.

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    SCHOOL ARRIVAL TIME 8:00am -8:25am

    • No student is allowed at school before 8:00am except for Extended Day. Students who walk to school or dropped off must arrive between 8:00am -8:25am.  Please do not arrive to school or drop students off prior to this time. If your student is dropped off, you must utilize the car rider’s loop on the left side of the building off Rosselle Street.  Do not drop off students in the front of the school.  


    • Extended Day students will be received by the Extended Day Director.


    • All students arriving at school in a car will use the car loop only (again, NO drop off in the front of the school).


    • If your student is tardy, you must escort your student to the front door because they are tardy and students must be signed in by parent/guardian.



    Dismissal Options

    • Car Riders

    Car rider dismissal begins at 2:40 p.m.  We will dismiss as usual.  Please continue to use your car rider tag and number.  If you need an additional tag, the cost is $5.  Please notify in advance so a tag is ready for pick up.  If you are new to CRES, one tag will be provided at no cost if your student is a car rider. 


    • Bus Riders

    Students will be released to the bus loading zone at 3:05pm.  Teachers will escort bus riders to their holding area until their bus arrives.


    • Neighborhood Walkers /Pickup

    School personnel will verify the student is in the correct dismissal group daily and escort the group to the gate entrance on the large playground of the school.  A parent/guardian must be present at 3:00 p.m. to meet the student. Parents are required to change the dismissal option if the student is not met on time.  This is to ensure the safety of all students. There are NO exceptions.