• In order to maintain safety and security for our students, staff members, and visitors, please adhere to the following procedures during arrival and dismissal of students:
    Morning supervision for students begins at 8:00  A.M. If your child requires care before this time, please contact the Extended Day office.
    Please do not drop off and/or pick up students from the school's parking lot.
    When walking into and out of the school, please use the designated crosswalk at the front of the school.
    All visitors MUST sign in at the front office and obtain a visitor's pass.  All visitor's passes should be returned to the office upon departure.
    All parents using park and pick up or the carpool line MUST have a Don Brewer hang tag.  If you do not have the hang tag, you will be directed by a staff member to the front office, where you must be on the blue card and have proper photo identification.
    Any changes to your child's transportation MUST be submitted in writing to your child's teacher.  Changes to your child's transportation will not be accepted over the phone.
    Bus drop off/pickup is in the front of the school. Car drop off and pickup is on the side of the school.