Student Dress Code Policy

  • Henry F. Kite is a UNIFORM school.  Students are expected to be in full uniform daily unless the school has an authorized dress down day.  All dress down days will be communicated in writing and/or phone message.  The uniform consists of a HFK polo-style shirt (green, gold, or black), school appropriate bottoms (khaki, navy, or black), and school appropriate shoes.  Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length or longer.  Shoes must have closed heels or backs (no flip flops, athletic slides, bedroom slippers are permitted).  School themed shirts are available for purchase through our approved vendor.  Please contact the Main Office to place your shirt order.

    On dress down days, students must adhere to the General Appearance policy as stated in the Student Code of Conduct.  Clothes with improper language or pictures will not be allowed.  Hats, caps, or other items such as curlers or sunglasses, will not be worn in the building unless a doctor or school administrator grants permission.  Proper grooming is expected at all times.  Students should not cause a distraction to others by his or her clothing or grooming including hair color.  Students may not dye their hair unnatural colors.  For more information, please see the Student Code of Conduct. 






    We highly encourage students to wear the school uniform polo shirt. The shirts are sold for $7.00 and are available in white, black, green, gold and red. If you wish to purchase a Henry F. Kite polo, please pick-up an order form in the main office.