• school bus


    • Students are welcomed into the building at 8:00 am every morning through the side double doors.
    • Breakfast will be served in the classrooms from 8:24am-8:45 am. 
    • Students should arrive between 8:00 am and 8:24 am. 
    • Students arriving after 8:35 am will need to get a tardy slip from the front office. 
    • There is no supervision of students prior to 8:00 am so PLEASE do NOT drop students off prior to 8:00 am.

    Dismissal for 3-5:

    • Car Rider dismissal begins at 2:50pm and at 1:35pm on Early Release Wednesdays.
    • Vehicles should enter the car rider circle from Park St.
    • Please do not cut into the line.
    • Remain in the vehicle.
    • Place the pick up card in the car window.
    • Your child will be called and placed in the vehicle.


    • Walkers are dismissed at 3:00pm at the red benches and at 1:45 on Early Release Wednesdays.


    • Students must cross at the crossing guard.   They may NOT walk through the parking lots.