Morning Arrival:

    • Drop off NO EARLIER than 8:00. This includes walkers. There is no supervision before 8:00!

    • Students will exit from passenger side of the vehicle next to the sidewalk. No crossing in front of cars.

    • Entrance will be through Main Office door only.

    • Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students go directly to the cafeteria to have breakfast. All other students will report to their assigned holding areas.

    • All breakfast is served from 8:00-8:30.

    • All breakfast is completed by 8:40.

    • All tardies begin at 8:30 AM.

      Note: Students arriving late will unfortunately not receive their FREE breakfast.


    Afternoon Dismissal:

    • Car, Van, & Bus are dismissed at 2:45 to be in place by 2:50.

    • Walkers, Bikers, & Extended day are dismissed at 3:00.

    • For safety reasons, please DO NOT walk up to car riders to retrieve your child. Please switch them to “Walker” status and meet them on Wheat Road.

    Note: Per Duval County Code of Conduct, no child can be checked out between 2:15-4:00. This is 45 minutes prior to the end of the scheduled day.