• School Hours:
    8:25 am - 3:00  pm
    If students are not enrolled in the Extended Day Program, they should not arrive to school prior to 8:00 as there is not enough supervision.
    Car riders and Day Care Riders
    Car riders are to be dropped off in front of the school after their temperature has been checked by staff members. Please do not allow your student to exit the vehicle before their temperature has been checked. Facemasks must be worn at all times when in transition. (Sorry, bandanas, face shields, and neck gaiters are not acceptable substitutes). Use the parking lot facing Cleveland Street, in the curved driveway. Please only allow your child to only exit the car on the right hand side.
    Enter the school through the 3rd Street parking lot. The door they will enter will be the door closest to the Cat Walk at 8:00 am.
    Bus riders: 
    Students will be dropped off on the 3rd Street side of the school.
    If you child's normal way of dismissal changes, PLEASE send a note to school. If you are unable to send in the note,  please contact the school as soon as possible.
    Car riders: 
    Students will be brought to the Multi Purpose Room to be dismissed to their cars. Please be patient as we call for each child to be dismissed. Please have the car rider tag in your front window/dashboard with the child's name visible.
    Students will be dismissed through Cleveland Street gate.
    Students will walk as a group to TNT where they will be met by counselors from TNT.
    Day Care Riders: 
    Students will load into their vans on 3rd Street. Please make sure your child knows the name of their Day Care Van.
    Bus students: 
    Students will load on to their buses at 3rd Street. Please label your student with the 2 buses that your child rides. (Usually the first month of school)
    Extended Day Students:  
    The students will be picked up from their classes and taken to Extended Day. Parents will report to the front office to pick up their children in the evening.