• Overview of Activities and Clubs
    At Kernan Middle, we provide many exciting extracurricular activities in which students can participate.  These activities allow students to grow outside of their rigorous academic life, and at the same time, they provide entertainment and enrichment to other students.   Click on the links to the left to find out more.
  • Every early release day of the month, Kernan offers students the opportunity to choose from over 40 clubs to join. Clubs are held during school hours at the end of the day before the bell. Sponsors and availability are subject to change based on student interest. Students must get a consent form signed by a parent/guardian to participate. Students without a signed consent form are placed into study hall. The 2023/2024 clubs include:
    Art Club
    Video Gaming Club
    ASL (American Sign Language) Club
    Lego Robotics
    Photography Club
    Chess Club
    Drama Club
    Dance Club
    Gardening Club
    Spirit Squad
    Soccer Club
    Basketball Club
    Flag Football Club
    Sewing Club
    Puzzles Club
    School Newspaper
    Trivia Club
    Foodie Club
    Walking Club
    Book Club
    Debate Club
    ESOL Support
    Dungeons & Dragons Club
    Kernan Amateur Radio Society (K.A.R.S.)
    Cooking Club
    Board Games Club
    Creative Writing Club
    Future Authors Club
    Best Buddies
    Bible Club
    Future Business Leaders
    Table Tennis Club
    GSA Club
    Meditation & Sleep Club
    Art Design Club
    Crochet Club
    Pizza & Lectio Divina (CSS Building 9)
    Karaoke & Dance Club (CSS Building 9)
    Pokémon Club (CSS Building 9)
    Athletic Club (CSS Building 9)
    Best Buddies (CSS Building 9)
    All Things Fun (CSS Building 5)"