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    Landmark Honors Academy Application 24-25



    The Honors Academy at Landmark Middle School

    Thank you for your interest in the Landmark Middle School Honors Academy. We know that choosing the right program for your child at the middle school level is an important decision. The Honors Academy at Landmark Middle School is designed to meet the learning needs of highly motivated and academically successful students. The goals of the Honors Academy are not only to prepare students for success in future academic challenges, including programs in DCPS accelerated high school programs (Early College, IB, AICE, AP Capstone), but also to provide support and inspiration to all students in developing skills, attitudes, and the responsibility necessary to become productive global citizens. Technology is an important component of the Honors Academy and strives to teach students to be active, confident, and thoughtful users of technology as they creatively and logically complete projects, address challenges, and solve problems.


    Admission Requirements

    NOTE: Meeting the minimum requirements DOES NOT ensure placement in the Honors Academy

    • Complete the paper-based application and submit to Landmark Middle School (attention Honors Academy).
    • Review 2022 -2023 admission requirements listed below.
    • Create the student Flip Grid Assignment on what is leadership and honor? Students need to sign in to their Microsoft account (Oneview) and submit their Flip Grid.
    • Complete the student information blue card.

    Complete and submit the application packet (including the Flip Grid) to the Landmark Middle School office. The application can be emailed to kellama1@duvalschools.org. Applications will be accepted as long as space is available.  

    Applicants will be notified of their acceptance

    Program Requirements:

    Once students are accepted into the Honors Program, 

    • Students are required to maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA with no D’s and F’s.
    • At least one hour each day at home should be planned for homework completion, study, and review. Some assignments and projects will require additional time.
    • Students are expected to maintain appropriate behavior and a positive attitude towards learning.
    • Students will have an Honors Academy Engagement Fee for supplies, materials, activities, and events. Specific details will be provided in the Welcome Packet.
    • Academic Honesty means that students complete all of their own work and do not attempt to take credit for something they did not produce. Plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the program.


    Contact Information

    Honors Academy Leadkellama1@duvalschools.org

    Gifted Lead Teacher: Laura Giddings giddingsl@duvalschools.org

    6th grade Lead Teacher: Aylia Kellam kellama1@duvalschools.org

    7th grade Lead Teacher: Laura Giddings giddingsl@duvalschools.org    

    8th grade Lead Teacher: Laura Turner turnerl4@duvalschools.org



  • Honors Academy Events (2021-2022)

    Parent Night

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    Field Trips:

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    Guest Speakers:

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