• Please Note: Teachers may require more/less items for their classes.


    General Supply List (2024-2025)


    Pens/Pencils (regular & colored)

    Pencil Sharpener


    3 Subject Spiral Notebooks

    Mead 5 Star 9” x 11” Subject College Ruled Spiral Notebook (Science)

    5 Composition Books

    Notebook Paper

    3 Prong Folders

    Post It Notes (pkg)

    1 Ream of Copy Paper

    (3) 3-Ring Binders

    3 Pack of Dividers (total of 10)

    Graph Paper (Algebra and Geometry Students)

    Scientific Calculator (TI-30Xa) (Algebra and Geometry students)

    5x8 Index Cards

    Headphones/Earbuds (2 sets)

    Scotch Tape

    Backpack (No Wheels)

    Glue Sticks

    LaVilla Wish List Includes:

    Kleenex *Paper Towels* Hand Sanitizer* Lysol/Clorox Wipes* Scotch Tape 
    * Ream of White Paper*Tissue Paper

    ***Please turn in all wish list items to the Main Office***


    The suggested summer reading list is posted on the LaVilla Homepage and Facebook.  


    *Each art area or teacher may have an additional supply list that will be provided at a later date.