• Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

    Welcome to the Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School (MCSMS) website! This website will provide you with valuable information regarding Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School academics, field studies, extracurricular programs/activities, and connections.

    We are proud to continue to be an "A" school!  Our goal this year is to make connections with our students, families, and business community to share in the academic, social, and behavioral growth for all of our students.  Our strength is in the continuous collaboration between our faculty, parents, students, faith-based organizations, and business partners.  MCSMS is a magnet neighborhood middle school located in the City of Atlantic Beach. We strongly believe in our commitment to local traditions, partnership with Mayport Naval Station, the City of Atlantic Beach and environmental stewardship of our rivers, parks, and ocean.

    Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School is a “whole-school” magnet where all children will have the opportunity to engage in coastal science topics where they will learn the importance of environmental stewardship.  We also have a Gifted and Academically Talented Education (GATE) program for all grade levels that allow students to engage in Accelerated courses.  Students can earn up to 6 high school credits.  This is a District supported program where students will be enrolled in rigorous academic courses with the option of a GATE dedicated elective for enrichment. 

    At MCSMS we offer a full array of opportunities for all students from our standard to our Pre-AP GATE cohorts.  Our academic expectations are reflected in curriculum and instruction throughout the school where all students are being challenged to expand their knowledge and skills to the highest level.  Students entering Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School will be assigned an academic course of study based on scores from FSA, Achieve 3000, and iReady. Other factors include grade point average and IEP/EP staffing requirements.  We sincerely believe all students can learn when placed in the appropriate environment.

    Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School takes great pride in the number of parents who are involved in our daily activities.  Many volunteer opportunities are available from assisting in the administrative offices to accompanying classes on local field studies.  We welcome your time and enthusiasm.  We are always looking for stakeholders to join our PTA and FAME to support our school. 

    We are proud to be the “Jewel of the Beach” and look forward to a phenomenal year!

    Chris Koek,  Head Shark