• Mission Statement and Core Beliefs

    Oceanway Mission Statement:

    Oceanway Middle School’s mission is to prepare all students for success in rigorous high school courses – and, ultimately, for all students to graduate and proceed to college or technical training.

    Oceanway Vision Statement:

    Oceanway Middle School’s vision is to activate through social-emotional programs and a focus on continuous instructional improvement, experiences to elevate our students' literacy, numeracy, and social competencies, and a commitment to build stakeholder value by making Oceanway an A-rated, comprehensive middle school.


    "It's Game Time! Find your way to Oceanway Middle."

    Our motto captures the unique experience of middle school students. During these early teen years, our students discover their personal interests and talents. At Oceanway, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of academic offerings as well as technology, music, and art classes. Outside of the school day, our students express additional interests by joining clubs and/or athletics. 

    Oceanway Guidelines for Success:

    Bravery * Unity * Commitment * Scholarship