Appropriate attire is the first step in creating an atmosphere that focus on academics, respect for self and others, and teaches students acceptable dress in the work place. The dress code below will be strictly enforced.  To prevent your child from missing valuable instructional time, please do your school shopping with the following in mind:


     1. ) Students are PROHIBITED from wearing clothing that exposes underwear or body parts in a manner that disrupts the orderly learning environment. The waistband of shorts, slacks, skirts, and similar garments shall be worn at the top of the hips. 

    2. ) All trousers, including oversized or low-hanging trousers, must be worn and secured at the waist level. The underwear, midriff and back may not be exposed.

     3. ) Shoes should be worn at all times. Bedroom shoes or slippers are not appropriate for school.

    4. ) Halter-tops, tank tops, backless tops, tops with thin or no straps, or tops that show midriff or expose the body are prohibited.

    5. ) Form-fitting or overly tight clothing should not be worn without appropriate outer garments.

    6. ) Skirts and shorts must be the appropriate length (no shorter than 4” above the knee).

    7. ) Clothing and accessories shall not be worn if they display profanity, violence, obscene messages, sexually suggestive phrases, or symbols of alcohol, tobacco or drugs or other symbols phrases that would be offensive to common propriety or decency.

    8. ) Head coverings, including but limited to caps, hats, bandanna, and hair curlers shall not be worn on campus.

    9. ) Clothing should not reveal or expose body parts. All pants must be worn and secured at waist level. No underwear shall be exposed at any time.


    *Per the student code of conduct, administrators and other faculty/staff of the Duval County Public Schools shall enforce dress and grooming guidelines that promote successful operation of the school. Final authority on dress code rests solely with the administration.