• Arrival Procedures

    • NO drop-off before 9:10, except for morning enrichment.
    • Gates will open at 9:10 for all walkers, bikers and car riders.
    • Temperatures will be taken prior to entry; 100.4 degrees and higher will not be allowed on campus.
    • Bus riders' temperatures will be checked upon arrival; 100.4 degrees and higher will call home for a parent pick up.
    • After temp check, all students will report directly to their 1st/5th period.
    • Breakfast will be served in the classroom; free to all students.


    Dismissal Procedures

    Students will be dismissed in waves via the intercom as follows:

    • Wave 1: All walkers, bikers, and car riders exit out the front gate.
    • Wave 2: All after school activities report to the cafeteria.
    • Wave 3: Bus riders with a connector report to the Gym Bus Loop.
    • Wave 4: All other buses will be called by number; students will report to the Knights Lane Bus Loop

    Students must ONLY leave class when their wave is called. All students in the hall during any wave will exit with those students. NO EXCEPTIONS!