• Stingray Nation!

    I am incredibly excited to be the Activities Director at Atlantic Coast High School this year. Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” The giants that came before me left some pretty big shoes to fill, but they built a strong foundation and created a legacy of belonging and ownership that I would like to see continue. It is my personal goal not only to fill those shoes but to “see further” as we head into a new decade of opportunities here at Atlantic Coast.

    Every year brings new and exciting events to our school and we want you to be a part of them. There are tons of ways to get involved on campus. Athletics, Band, Chorus, Clubs, Community Service, Honor Societies, Theater, and other extracurricular groups are meeting on campus daily. You just have to take the time to see what they’re up to.

    Information about all these groups and more can be found right here but you are always welcome to reach out to me if you need more details or have any questions about student activities. Feel free to stop by my room, 505, or email me at solomonr1@duvalschools.org anytime. If you prefer the phone, call me at 538-5120 ext. 1505.

    Also #stingraynation follow me on twitter @solomonachs for all your student updates.

    I’m looking forward to a fantastic year with you all.

    Go Stingrays!

    Ms. Solomon





ACHS Clubs

Club Name Sponsor Location
National Honor Society Mrs. Curran and Mr. Frencl Auditorium
Student Government Mr. Cline Rm 104
Music Honor Society Mrs. McDuffie Rm 214
National Spanish Honor Society Mr. Zamudio Rm 125
National Art Honor Society Mrs. Delaney and Mrs. Campbell Rm 107
Science National Honor Society Mrs. Sharma and Ms. Thomas Rm 524
Senior Class Mr. Cline Rm 104
Junior Class Mr. Kent Rm 301
Math Honor Society Ms. McDonald Rm 602
Brain Brawl Mr. Frencl and Mrs. Curran Rm 624
Band Ms. Cotney Rm 215
Chorus Mrs. McDuffie Rm 214
American Sign Language Honor Society Mrs. Silvestris Rm 335
Film Honor Society Mr. Siebert Rm 526
Rho Kappa Honor Society Mr. Greene Rm 525
Drama Mr. Reed Auditorium
Rays of Hope Ms. Hudson and Ms. Port Rm 605
Robotics Mrs. Little Rm 306
Miss Atlantic Coast Ms Norris and Mr. Reed Auditorium
ACHS Community Service Dr. Son Rm 633
Young Life Mrs. Dickson Rm 610P
Gay/Straight Alliance Ms. Lara Rm 632
Mind Wellness Ms. Solomon Rm 505
AC Riot Ms. Le and Ms. Wilson Rm 502
Art Club Mr. Buttner Rm 106
HOSA/Pre-Med Ms. Shorter Rm 331
Unicef Ms. Dickson Rm 623
Creative Writing Ms. Broussard TBD
Black Student Union Mr. and Mrs. Fleming Rm 626
Environmennt/Fishing Mr. Trawick Rm 213
Psychology Honor Society Ms. Solomon 505
Special Olympics Ms. Enteman 605
Quill and Scroll Honor Society Mrs. Campbell 105
English Honor Society Ms. Lara and Mr. Seibert 632
Mr. Ugly Pageant Ms. Norris 334
Humane Society Club Ms. Newman 634
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Mr. Chambers 333
Junior Ladies Mrs. Broussard 533
Club Activate Bodine 527
A.C.E. Ms. Tompkins 302
Debate Mrs. Broussard 533
Jewish Student Union Mr. Kent 123
Law Club Mr. Kellam Auditorium
Cheer Club Ms. Norris 332
Mindful Moment Club Reynolds 522
Service Dogs club Ms. Silvestris 335
Mulitcultural Club Mrs. L Solomon 535
Future Business Leaders Mr. Sands 511