• Hello!

    I am so excited to be your Activities Director here at Atlantic Coast High School. We are building on a strong foundation, and my goal is for all of our students to feel as if they have ownership and belonging here at Atlantic Coast. The Stingray Nation is strong, and there are tons of ways to get involved. From athletics, to clubs, and honor societies, ACHS is making waves towards greatness with both our faculty and students.

    Every year we bring new exciting events to our school and you can be a part of it. Band, Chorus, Athletics, Clubs, Community Service, Shows, and other extracurricular events are all around, you just have to know where to look.

    So, where do you look? Right here! If you have any questions with student activities, feel free to stop by my room, 104, or shoot me an email at
    clinem@duvalschools.org. For those of you that prefer the phone, call me at 538-5120 ex. 1104.

    I look forward to a great year with all of you.

    And as always #raystilwedie follow me on twitter @blakecline88 for all your student updates.

    Mr. Cline

    Blake Cline

ACHS Clubs

Club Name Sponsor Location
National Honor Society Mrs. Curran and Mr. Frencl Auditorium
Student Government Mr. Cline Rm 104
Music Honor Society Mrs. McDuffie Rm 214
National Spanish Honor Society Mrs. J. Anderson Rm 125
National Art Honor Society Mrs. Delaney and Mrs. Campbell Rm 107
Science National Honor Society Mrs. Sharma and Ms. Monk Rm 524
Senior Class Mr. Cline Rm 104
Junior Class Mr. Kent Rm 301
Math Honor Society Ms. McDonald Rm 602
Brain Brawl Mr. Frencl and Mrs. Curran Rm 624
Band Mr. Whalen Rm 215
Chorus Mrs. McDuffie Rm 214
American Sign Language Honor Society Mrs. Silvestris Rm 335
Film Honor Society Mr. Siebert Rm 526
Rho Kappa Mr. Greene Rm 525
Drama Mr. Reed Auditorium
Rays of Hope Hudson and Ms. Port Rm 605
Robotics Mrs. Little and Ms. Mullen Rm 306
Miss Atlantic Coast Ms Norris and Mr. Reed Auditorium
ACHS Community Service Dr. Son Rm 633
Young Life Mrs. Dickson Rm 610P
Gay/Straight Alliance Ms. Lara Rm 632
Stingray Network Mr. Cushnir Rm 122
Envirothon Ms. Bobula Rm 627
Mind Wellness Ms. Solomon Rm 505
Swingrays Sohn Rm 522
Science Bowl Mrs. Sharma Rm 524
AC Riot Ms. Le and Wilson Rm 502
Pre Health Mr. Bopp Rm 521
Art Club Mr. Buttner Rm 106
HOSA/Pre-Med Ms. Shorter Rm 331
Card Club Mr. Schultz Rm 305
Student Tutoring Club Ms. Monk Rm 307
Unicef Ms. Dickson Rm 623
Creative Writing Ms. Weertz TBD
Model UN Mr. and Mrs. Fleming Rm 626
Environmennt/Fishing Mr. Trawick Rm 213