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    News & Podcast Club



    Sponsors:  Ms. Canepa


    To share or work on writing and communication skills in the podcast and blog website setting.

    Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 First week of September.  Once a week after school (excluding Early Release days).  Listen to announcements for informational meeting date and time.

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes(FCA)

     FCA Flyer

    Sponsors:   Mrs. Meringolo 

                       Mr. Dimitrokopoulos

    A place for students to develop relationships and leadership skills. Open to all students, not just athletes, who would like to share their faith with others. Early release, Wednesday mornings, at 8:20am - 9:00am.
    Dungeons and Dragons


    To provide a safe, supervised space for students to socialize and play non-electronic role-playing games.

    Students in all grade levels. Every other Tuesday from 4:30- 6:00
    National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)


    The National Junior Honor Society® is an honorary society that promotes enthusiasm for scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.  To be a member, an individual must epitomize these qualities. Qualifications for membership: Minimum of 3.5 GPA (unweighted), Teacher recommendations, and No referrals. 

    Selection into the NJHS is by invitation only. Students transferring from another middle school who were in NJHS must bring proof of membership in order to be admitted.  
    Open to 7th & 8th graders by invitation only

    Students are selected August of the current school year.


    Induction Ceremony is held in September

    Held monthly. Listen to announcements for informational meeting date and time.

    Sponsor:  Mr. Curry

    To participate in drama activities and put on musical productions.

    All students. Musical Productions requires audition. Various times. Schedule available after auditions.
    Student Government Association

    Sponsors:  Mr. Curry

                      Ms. James


    Student Government Association is a student body decision-making team, with the authorities vested by the school Principal and school administration. Student Government members are tasked with being involved in their school community to support the goals and positive culture at Twin Lakes Academy Middle School. SGA will plan and execute events and initiatives that promote a positive learning environment. Members are elected by the student body and held accountable to support the best interests of the entire school’s student body  All students. Must Run for Office. One Meeting monthly along with various activities to participate in.
    Green Champions Sponsors: Ms. Talbot To promote energy/recycling conservation around the school building and in the school garden. Open to all students. 8-9a.m. in room 175/School Garden. Listen to announcements for informational meeting date and time.

    Make today Better(MTB)

    MTB Flyer



    With teacher led activities, we will come together during lunch hours to support each other as we talk about our “possibilities, problems and/or issues.” Students in the 6th and 7th grades Held during lunch period. Specific dates TBD.

    Yearbook Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Canepa

    To produce and promote our school yearbook, enhancing and using students' web skills, photography,  organizational, and teamwork skills.   7th & 8th graders by application and recommendation, both due by Sept. 14th. Meetings will start in September after applications are considered. Days & times TBA.

    Safe Space

    Sponsors: Ms. Watkins-May


    To create a safer, more inclusive school environment where club members develop important bonds and also tackle issues like student self-advocacy, inclusive education, fair and equitable access and treatment, and strategies for coping with challenges posed in a social environment.  ALL members of the TLAM community. Friendly meetings after school on select Thursdays from 4:15 to 6:00 in room 231