• Vision Statement:

    Focusing on every child’s success through Academics, Athletics, and the Art


    Thank you for visiting the Duncan U. Fletcher Middle School website where you’ll find valuable information about our fantastic middle school. We are your School of Choice for Gifted & Talented at the Beaches because our goal is to develop every child by maximizing their academic, fine arts, and athletic potential. We have the distinction of being the highest academically performing non-magnet middle school in Duval County for the past five years. Fletcher Middle School is second in the number of Fine Arts elective class offerings. We have been first place winners for Math Field Day the past three years. Our athletes are also champions holding the title of Best Overall Athletic Program Eastern Division for the past five years.  

    Duncan U. Fletcher Middle School houses 1,300 students in grades sixth through eighth. Located three blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, our students will tell you that one of the things they like best is the ability to see the ocean! A large number of our students ride their bicycles and skateboards to school so “Riding the Wave of Success” is our appropriate school mantra.

    We fully realize that academic success does not happen by chance. Maximizing student potential requires a combined effort from our entire staff, parents, students, community, and the Duval County School Board. We have absolutely the BEST teachers in all of Duval County!    Many teachers hold gifted and reading certifications in every grade level as well as Exceptional Education Specialists, National Board Certifications, and our English as a Second Language teacher has a Master’s Degree in Teaching Students of Other Languages. Many have earned multiple endorsements, and several teachers hold Master of Education Degrees.

    Our parents are very active and extremely supportive.  They know that their child’s learning environment is of utmost importance.   Many volunteer opportunities are available, and we welcome your time and interest. Please join our PTSA and/or School Advisory Council and let your voice be heard.

    Please visit www.fsassessments.org in order to experience the FSA exams. This will give you first-hand experience as to what students are expected to learn and be able to do.   We expect our students in all grades to be reading and writing in all subject areas every day. 

     FMS teachers use diagnostic assessment tools to develop a plan of instruction that meets the needs of individual students. Please feel free to contact them for specific information concerning your child.

     Middle school years are a time of tremendous change for students making parental support and input critical to their success. A misconception exists that as students enter middle school parental involvement and volunteer time are not needed. Nothing could be further from the truth!  Please be sure that your child is reading every night and that they can explain to you what they read. There are numerous helpful math websites for students and parents:

    www.virtualnerd.com – Virtual Nerd

    www.khanacademy.org – Khan Academy

    www.cpalms.org/Public - Florida State Standards for All Subjects

    www.mathisfun.com – Math is Fun!

    www.coolmath.com – Cool Math!

    www.purplemath.com – great practice on all Math topics

    www.brainpop.com – Brain Pop

     Digits and Achieve 3000 are web based technology programs used in class. These can be accessed by students at home.

     Rest assured that we are motivated and dedicated to both the academic and social achievement of your child.  Let me know if I may be of assistance to you and together we will have a magnificent year!


    Teresa Mowbray, Principal

    Principal Mowbray