• The following guidelines have been established to assist parents in the selection of appropriate attire:


    1. Overly-tight, distracting apparel is not permitted.  Exposed midriffs, revealing and bareback clothes may not be worn.


    2. Skirts, shorts and dresses must come at least mid-thigh.


    3. Bicycle shorts, cut-offs, tights, or jeans with holes are not permitted.


    4. Hats, caps, sweatbands, sunglasses or any kind of head covering will not be worn inside the building.


    5. Shoes must be worn at all times.  Backless shoes or sandals are not permitted.


    6. Tank tops, mesh shirts, see-through, white t-shirts and net shirts are not permitted.


    7. Students will wear their shirts tucked into pants, skirts, or shorts.  Pants may not be worn low on the hips.  Skin or underwear may not be exposed.


    8. Students must be clean and well groomed.  Preparatory products such as curlers or combs may not be worn to school.  Students may not dye their hair an unnatural color.


    9. Special costumes may be worn only when approved by the principal.


    10. Wearing of studded apparel or excessive chains is not permitted.


    11. Students may not wear any clothing or display any items which are obscene, profane, suggestive, or derogatory to others, including items which promote alcohol, tobacco, or any other illegal substances or which create an atmosphere which may incite inflammatory behavior.