• daniels

    Mr. Evan Daniels

    Brave Nation,

    Wanted to share some exciting news with you as we move into the weekend.  Parker High School is going One-to-One!  The laptops have been delivered.  We are going to make every effort to get these resources in the hands of our scholars ASAP.  Laptop distribution will begin Tuesday, November 10th.

    All students must acknowledge the notification they received via OneView.  Once complete, parents will receive communication via their preferred email address associated with the Parent FOCUS account.  All parents are required to complete parental acknowledgement within the first 30 days of students receiving laptops.  If not completed within the identified window, students will be required to return the laptop. 

    If previously issued a laptop last year or earlier this school year, students are required to return it in order to receive a new device.  We are doing our best to ensure technology is utilized and available to enhance the educational experience for our students each day.  Once laptops are distributed the expectation is that students bring them each day. 

    Duval Homeroom Students:

    Students will pick up their laptops Friday, November 13, 2020, between:

    8:00AM – 12:00PM
    Pick up from the bus loading zone

    Families, it is indeed a pleasure to serve as your principal.  Thanks for your continued support of the work being done at Parker High School. 

    Yours in Partnership,
    Evan Daniels, Principal