Welcome to the School Counseling Department!

    The Darnell-Cookman School Counseling Department strives to prepare students for academic, post-secondary career and personal/social success through data-driven strategic planning and collaboration with faculty, staff and community members.

     Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School Counselors believe:


    • Every student can achieve success.
    • Needs of students must be taken into consideration which include differences in ethnicity, culture, race, disabilities, learning styles and special needs when planning and implementing a counseling program.
    • All students should have access to a school counselor who delivers and manages a counseling program to ensure success.

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  • Meet the Counseling Staff!

    Meet the Darnell-Cookman Counseling Staff



    Tess Belanger-Linton, School Counselor and Department Chair

    Students in Grades 6th - 8th, Last Names:  S - Z

    Students in Grades 9th - 12th

    (904) 630-6800 x1018





    Albert Buckner, School Counselor

    Students in Grades 6th - 8th, Last Names: A - R

    (904) 630-6800 x1026





    Rena Bennett, Guidance Clerk

    Transcript Requests

    Scheduling of Parent and Teacher Conferences

    Student Parking Passes and Off-Campus Lunch distribution

    (904) 630-6800 x1030







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    Parent/Teacher Conferences 

    If you have a question about your son or daughter's academic progress, it is highly recommended that you contact the specific teacher(s) by phone or email (see Staff page for a link to email addresses and class websites).  Conferences are reserved for issues that cannot be resolved by contacting your child's teacher and/or school counselor. If you feel that a conference is necessary, please contact Mrs. Bennett in the Guidance Office (630-6800 x1030). Please be aware that parent/teacher conferences are available on a limited basis.  Furthermore, all of your child's teachers may not be available and may require you to meet multiple times. 

    Conference Tips

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  • college planning


    It's never too early to start thinking about those college plans.  Here are some helpful resources: 


    College Ready Milestones


    2015- 2016 ACT SAT Test dates


    PSAT information


    Jacksonville National College Fair 2015


    NCAA Quick Reference Sheet


    NCAA College Guide 2015-2016


    State University College Deadlines


    Each Year, Darnell-Cookman Middle / High School, has many colleges and universities that come to visit our students. Here are the upcoming college visits scheduled: 


    September 15th: Florida Polytechnic University

    September 16th Nova Southeastern University

    September 30th: Edward Waters College

    October 2nd: University of North Florida

    October 7th: University of Florida

    October 9th: St. Leo University

    October 12th: Florida State University

    October 15th: Florida State College at Jacksonville

    October 20th: Florida Atlantic University


    All visits will be held in the Media Center at 12:50pm, with the exception of the following visits:

    New College of Florida and the University of Florida: 12:05pm, respectively.


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    Requesting a Copy of Your Transcript

    To request a copy of your transcript, submit an official request through the Guidance Office a MINIMUM of ONE WEEK prior to the date you need it. Please be sure that you take into consideration mailing or delivery time, and do not wait until the last minute to request your transcript. NO exceptions, so plan accordingly. You must fill out a transcript request form. If a university or institution accepts or requests an electronic transcript, please be aware that the process may take at least one week for the university or institution to receive them. Electronic transcripts are NOT instantaneous. 

    Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

    Recommendation Letter requests will be processed through the Guidance Department. Please DO NOT give your recommendation letter requests directly to your teacher. When you submit a request, you will be asked to identify the teacher(s) you would like to write your letter. However, you also have the option to request that your School Counselor write the letter. Anyone who requests a Letter of Recommendation for either a job, College application, or scholarship application must first submit a resume and personal information sheet to your counselor.  Writing a quality letter of recommendation is important to us, so please allow TWO WEEKS for processing.  

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  • Community Service Hours Guidelines

    Why perform community service?  It’s the right thing to do! Make a difference in your community! Learn new skills and meet new people!  Learn the importance and value of helping others!  You must complete community service to satisfy the eligibility requirement for all three Bright Futures Scholarship Awards.  Also, it's a great way to enhance your resume for college applications and scholarships!

    Get the FAQS:
    Is there a community service requirement for graduation?
    Where do I get a copy of the form to log my service hours?
    The Guidance Office
    When can I start participating in community service?
    You can participate in community service immediately!  However, it will not count towards Bright Futures/Graduation until your 9th grade year.
    Where can I find out more information about Bright Futures?
    Click on the quick link at the top of this page.
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