School Procedures


    Arrival & Dismissal Information

    Student arrival time is from 7:50 am to 8:00 am. Any student that arrives on campus prior to 7:50 am must be enrolled in the morning Extended Day program. Student dismissal time is 2:55 pm and all students must be picked up prior to 3:15 pm or they will be sent to our Urgent Care Program (this incurs a $10 charge each day). For detailed information about our Extended Day Before/After School Program, please contact Dr. Adrianna Davis (904) 630-6805 or


    Cafeteria Procedures

    Middle School Students- students must have a school ID when going through the lunch line. All students are assigned tables based on the teacher who escorts them to lunch and they must remain seated with that class until the teacher picks them up at the end of the lunch period.
    High School Students- students must have a school ID when going through the lunch line. All students grades 9-11 must remain in the cafeteria during the lunch period. 12th-grade students may sit in the high school courtyard. This is a privilege that can be revoked if the student's behavior is deemed inappropriate during lunch.
    Adding money to your son's or daughter's lunch account can be done by signing into their lunch account at


    Hall passes

    Students may be issued a hall pass by their teachers only if they have a school ID. Student passes are not issued the first and last 15 minutes of each period unless there is an emergency.




    Parent, Teacher & Student Conferences

    If you have a question about your son's/daughter's progress in a class, please contact that specific teacher through email (see Faculty & Staff page for a link to their email addresses and class websites). Your son's/daughter's school counselor can also be a great source for information if you have a more general concern about their progress in multiple classes. Parent, Teacher and student conferences are reserved for issues that cannot be resolved by contacting your child's teacher and/or school counselor. If you feel that a conference is necessary, please contact your student's teacher directly by either email or call (904) 630-6800 to schedule a conference. Please be aware that all of your child's teachers may not be available at the same time and meeting with multiple teachers may require you to come to multiple meetings. 


    Requesting Records/Transcripts

    Requesting a copy of your son's/daughter's report cards, official transcripts and other school records must be done by contacting our school records clerk, Ms. Natalie Jackson at (904) 630-6800. Requests for records (of all types) must be made in person by the student's legal parent/guardian or may be requested by faxing a signed request to (904) 630-6816. Faxed requests must include the requesting person's name (legal parent/guardian and or educational institution), their signature, the method of delivery (pick up, mail or fax) and the appropriate address or fax number. Student information may NOT be released via phone call or email. Official transcripts cost $5.00 per transcript and payment must be made at the time of requesting a transcript. Please allow 5 business days for transcript requests to be processed regardless of delivery method. Universities or institutions that request or accept electronic transcripts do not receive transcripts instantaneously. Electronic transcripts may take up to a week to be received by the institution, even after being sent by Darnell-Cookman.


    Student ID Cards

    All students must wear a Darnell-Cookman issued ID card and an appropriate colored lanyard. If a student forgets their ID card, they will be issued a new ID card set (card and appropriate lanyard) at a cost of $7.00 each time. No exceptions will be made, students must wear an official Darnell-Cookman ID card and lanyard at all times while on school property.


    Tardy Policy 

    Students are expected to be in class and ready to work when the tardy bell rings each period (including the morning bell at 8:10 am). Student tardies are tracked using the school attendance system. Parents can view their son's/daughter's attendance for each period by logging into the Parent GradePortal. The following consequences are in place for student tardies in each individual class:

    5th, and each subsequent tardy--referral to Dean Jones or Dean Hart

    Please refer to the Code of Conduct for any questions related to disciplinary actions - DCPS Student Code of Conduct



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