• Dinsmore Elementary 

    Science Magnet



    Engaging in Science

    The Dinsmore Science program is designed to create enthusiasm and excitement through direct  experiences with the sciences.  Investigations with plants and nature, building and testing models, and exploring concepts through science lessons and field trips allow  students to apply knowledge to real world  situations.  Community partnerships support  science enrichment activities and our annual standards-based science fair.  Whether it’s building a simple battery powered motor or observing beetles going through metamorphosis, students at Dinsmore are engaged in challenging, real-life science applications.



    Duval County uses the stated adopted Florida Standards. Both the Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS) and Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS) were approved by the Florida State Board of Education on February 18, 2014.   The Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Science were adopted by the Florida State Board of Education in February 2008.

    Science Curriculum

    1. they are involved in first-hand exploration and investigation and inquiry/process skills are nurtured.
    2. instruction builds directly on the student's conceptual framework.
    3. content is organized on the basis of broad conceptual themes common to all science disciplines.
    4. mathematics and communication skills are an integral part of science instruction.